Welcome to Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth

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    Strives to follow Christ’s call to serve the world.
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    Mission focused
    Committed to envisage contemporary mission paradigms recognizing the religious and cultural multiplicity.
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    Praxis oriented
    Initiates interactions with the extremely contradicting contexts of the urban and rural realities in north India.
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    Ecumenically committed
    Enriches ecumenical fraternities in theological education especially in north India.

The academic year 2024-25 will commence on July 1st.

Welcome to Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth

Dharma Jyoti is a centre for theological and development studies started by the Mar Thoma Church in the year 2000, with a special focus of training young men and women for the mission of the Church in north India. Mar Thoma Church is a reformed Eastern church which is fundamentally committed to enable the servants of Christ-both lay and the ordained-for the translation of the Word of God and to witness the transforming presence of Jesus Christ in the north Indian villages. Dharma Jyoti commemorates the life of Dr. Alexander Mar Thoma Metropolitan, a great visionary leader of the church who stood passionately for the cause of mission of the Church, especially in north India.

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Other Programmes

Bachelor of Mission Degree programme(B.Miss.)( 3 year programme for Plus Two)

Bachelor of Christian Studies (B.C.S) (3 years) (External Studies with the Senate of Serampore College)

Diploma in Christian Studies (3 years)

Certificate in Mission Studies (1 year)

Certificate in Christian Studies (1 year)

Short term courses for Evangelists and Laity

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Latest News

Books published by Dharma Jyoti

Dharma Jyoti takes initiative to publish books on topics which have academic relevance and public interests in the present day contexts. The following are some of the recent publications from the publishing department.

Challenges and Prospects of Mission in the Emerging Context (2010).

Christian Family in Transition; Continuity and Discontinuity (2012).

Rt. Rev. Easow Mar Timothoes Episcopa: Vision In Action (2013).

Rainbow Community & Cross: Lenten Meditations (2014).


DJVP is a place to experience community life in a creative manner where all experience the love and care for each other. And learn from each other’s creativity. Since the seminary is located in a rural area, we are explored to the realities of so many social issues like ill treatment of women and discrimination, casteism, farmer’s struggles and poverty. We are challenged to learn theology that has relevance in Indian context. Seminary equips missionaries to serve people and realize once calling.
Shobha Muniappa
Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth is the place where I started my journey to recognise God's will in my life. It nourished my visions, perceptions and world views. It built my affection to love and care nature and set my goal to enter into His Vineyard.
Rev. Maju Mathew
I am a product of Dharma Jyoti I’m really thankful to the Lord almighty for granting me an opportunity to live in and to learn from Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth . Dharmajyoti gave me enormous opportunity to find myself and it made me an entirely renewed person. The spiritual and physical atmosphere really made an impact on my life. For me, every engagement at Dharma Jyoti was a learning engagement. I believe that the ‘spirit of Dharmajyoti’ is the real motivating factor behind my mission endeavours. It is the place of unity, harmony and the place from where the mission grooms. It unites the spirit of being together, ignites the minds to serve the needy, provide opportunity to experience different cultures of the nation. The lessons from Dharma Jyoti guide my daily moves, thoughts, and my devotions. Still I carry my seminary with me though I am out of it. So I feel so proud to say “ I’m a product of Dharma Jyoti”
Rev Shibu Thomas Skariah