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Life Long Learning

Easow Mar Timotheos Mission Chair

To commemorate the legacy of the Easow Mar Timotheos Episcopa, Dharma Jyoti offers mission lectures annually.

Jubilee-2014 Chair for Mission and Developmental Studies

Chair for the Mission and Developmental Studies is founded on the vocation of bishops’ jubilee 2014.

Sadhu KochuKunjuUpadesi Musical Event

Dharma Jyoti upholds the great legacy of Sadhu KochuKunjuUpadesi through organizing Musical Event, a competition of his songs.

Rev. Mathew Thomas Memorial Essay Competition

To celebrate the life of Late.Rev. Mathew Thomas, an essay writing competition is conducted annually for the youths of Mumbai and Delhi Diocese.

Summer Courses

Dharma Jyoti offers summer courses on theology, biblical studies, social analysis, liturgy, music and counselling for clergy, missionaries, and laity.

Conferences, Lectures, and Seminars

Dharma Jyoti facilitates ecumenical seminars, lectures, and conferences to equip the church to meet its challenges in the contemporary multi-religious and multi-denominational context.