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Community Outreach

Social Engagement Programme

Sapera Community

Sapera Community is a Dalit community who adopt ‘snake capturing’ as their livelihood. This community exists 1.5 km away from the Seminary campus. They are socially, economically, politically and religiously challenged people. The Seminary assumes her role as the facilitator in the integral development of this community.Our students used to visit this community and offer tuition classes to children as well as moral and hygienic classes to the community. The Seminary appointed Mr. Rajesh, an undergraduate student from this community as the coordinator. The social welfare department of the Seminary conducts medical camps with the help of competent professionals from the nearby parishes. Also we provide educational aids to the children with the help of different Sunday Schools.

Sanjoepuram Welfare Centre

Faridabad Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church runs various mission activities in Sanjoepuram village which is 2 km away from the Seminary campus. They cater their services to differently abled children, mentally challenged people and children, and women. They have different community development projects too. Since the Seminary affirms her ecumenical vision, our students visit Sanjoepuram campus regularly to engage themselves with different realities of life to proclaim the dignity of life.