Welcome to Dharma Jyothi Vidya Peeth



Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth is delighted to invite you to join their 13-week online Certificate Course in Theology (CCT).   The course will deal with specific themes (intermediate level) from the various disciplines in theological studies. Course leaders are the faculty of the Dharma Jyoti Vidya Peeth. 

Session: 1 hour per week (Thursdays, 9 pm IST)

Course begins: 21 September 2023

Course ends: 14 December 2023

Last date for registration: 15 September 2023

Medium: Bilingual (English/Malayalam)

Course resources: Provided

Course Fee: Rs.2500/- (India)/ Rs. 3500/- (Participants from beyond India).

Platform: Zoom

In case of any doubt or difficulty, we will be glad to assist you.

A Preview of the main themes

Sin and Punishment
A journey through the Intertestamental period 
Doctrine of Trinity, doctrine of the Holy Spirit
Indian Religious Traditions and Christianity 
St. Thomas Christians and their heritage
Family Conflicts and Resolution 
The Biblical theme of Hope and Restoration: An Old Testament Perspective
Christian faith and the society: The Framework of Social Analysis
Engagement with the Sacrament of Marriage
Justification by Faith 
How to draft a good sermon: Homiletics and hermeneutics 
Religious Fundamentalism and Today’s Christianity in India
Science and Religion 
Tackling Parenting challenge

               Session Deatils

For more information kindly contact:

                Course co-ordinators

                         Rev. Mathews George

                            +91 9769391772

                         Rev. Nebu K. Varghese

                            +91 9188186495

                  [email protected]